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Auctioning Over 500 Works of Western,
Landscape & Wildlife Paintings and Sculpture,
Including 28 Works from the Leanin’ Tree Museum Sculpture Garden

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Letter from Ed Trumble

Trumble- Denver Post.jpgFor almost five decades it has been an unparalleled honor to have hosted several million visitors to the Leanin’ Tree Museum in Boulder, Colorado. I have many special memories standing in the museum – surrounded by my visual treasures – sharing stories of the art and artists with pilgrims young and old, all with a golden light in their eyes, awestruck by the allure and accessibility of beautiful art of the American West. I remember a woman from New York, without ever taking her tear-filled eyes off the canvas in front of her, saying to me, “That is the most beautiful painting I have ever seen.”

It was never my expectation that my family would maintain the museum indefinitely. They have the thriving Leanin’ Tree greeting card business to run, and their own lives to lead, their own dreams to fulfill. So now the time has come. With the goal of simplifying my life and estate, we all made the emotionally difficult decision to sell the art collection. We have partnered with Scottsdale Art Auction because of our long friendship and their well-deserved reputation.

Western art has been my life’s passion and mission, and it has been an extraordinary journey. The Leanin’ Tree Museum has brought immeasurable joy, appreciation and awe to those who have had the privilege to experience it in person. The gratitude I feel for those who have loved the art I have loved cannot be fully expressed. And because the Museum has been my lifelong project, I care deeply about seeing the collection come full circle as it finds new loving homes with the next generation of families, collectors and museums.

Ed Trumble
Founder, Leanin’ Tree Museum

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